Web development
and some misc
  • Telescope Automatization

    Automatization of a large 1-meter telescope in Tičan, Croatia. A real "full stack"...

  • Danish State Visit

    Business app built for a gathering event of Danish and Croatian business people

  • WooFakePay

    Dummy payment gateway for developers. Simulates IPN. Always pays :)

  • Uličnik

    A Prague community site, developed on WordPress in under a week.

  • Backrest

    Backrest - backend as a service

  • Web development!

    Simple, complex, but not complicated! (Zen of Python)

    Whether it's a simple personal blog, an intricate business web application or a e-commerce selling platform, we got you covered!

  • Using state-of-the-art web technologies

    For simple projects: WordPress, customised where needed, as much as needed.

    For complex applications: Django, superb web framework for Python. Anything can be build upon it!

    For e-commerce: Magento, a most-bragged-about of the open source selling platforms, and not entirely without cover... For simpler projects where enterprise-like features would just get in the way: Woocommerce.

  • A set of changes

    Changeset is an atomic set of changes in computer code, as defined in distributed version control systems. See Wikipedia entry. With us, each changeset adds value to your project.

Some of our projects

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