Air traffic controller training system

CroControl app on Windows 10
CroControl app on Windows 10

Centralized system that connects multiple students (air traffic controller trainees) and their instructors in a real-time simulated exercise. In these exercises the instructors create various air traffic situations where the trainees have to respond in real time.

The system facilitates real-time communication in from of direct pre-formatted messages as well as free-hand drawing on pre-uploaded files (PDF maps and lists). There is also an administration interface tweaked to allow instructors to prepare and reuse games ahead of time.

Technologies used:

  • Django framework
  • Customized admin interface
  • REST API made with django-rest-framework
  • EventSource data stream data for instantaneous async communication
  • Docker setup for simple and predictable setup
  • Demo server using Raspberry Pi
  • Packaging the application for iOS using Cordova
  • Packaging the application for Windows 10 using ElectronJS

This project also included some team coordination:

  • handling client input and expectations
  • coordinating with a designer
  • coordinating with a frontend developer


The application runs on iOS devices and on Windows 10, using a single code base.