WooFakePay – IPN payment gateway for developers

WooFakePay in action


When developing a new feature with WooCommerce, it’s often required to make test orders, and complete them. There are a few options for how to do that:

  • complete checkout with “Direct Bank Transfer” or some other offline payment gateway, and then mark order as completed in the admin
  • use PayPal in development mode
  • use WooFakePay gateway 🙂


This is a regular payment gateway (a WordPress plugin) for WooCommerce. It simulates standard IPN gateway workflow. So even though both local and remote pages are served by the plugin, it makes a round trip to remote URL and returns back with a confirmation of successful payment. It does not do anything magical or non-standard with WooCommerce Orders, instead it adheres to the standard payment gateway workflow


This plugin is meant to be a helping tool for developers when testing some custom code that requires purchased Orders. Or you might use it as a starting point for a new payment gateway.

Goes without saying:

Never. Use. This. Plugin. In. Live. Sites.

Why? Well, because you’ll be selling your merchandise (or your client’s) for free.

Let me sea!


Hosted with wordpress.org: http://wordpress.org/plugins/woofakepay/

How much?