Bura Znanja

Buraznanja (“gust of knowledge”) is an e-learning project situated at University of Rijeka, Croatia. The driving idea behind this project is giving students an interesting and useful complement to regular classes. This is primarily achieved though interesting video materials and student-made scripts.

My task was to develop backend part of the web application that will power the site. I chose Django framework for this project. It turned out to be a very good choice, even though frontend developers weren’t familiar with Django templates. The official documentation proved superb once more.

Of more notable features there is:

  • nice and pragmatic administration interface,
  • students can track their progress via status icons and overview pie-chart,
  • student are encouraged to give feedback on every lecture they visit,
  • videos on site can be hosted on server or embedded from Youtube,
  • deeply integrated forum,
  • automatic and manual email notifications,
  • support for multiple courses,
  • Facebook integration.
The project can be found at courses.buraznanja.uniri.hr buraznanja.hr