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Mar 2014
django-grappelli is simply much better admin. It looks nicer, has a few additional features, and doesn’t sacrifice anything form the original django admin. One of it’s improvements is the way it renders filters on...

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Oct 2013
It seems there is no way to manually order users in a WordPress site. You can choose between some available options when using get_users or WP_User_Query and that’s it. There is even no filter to allow...

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Mar 2013
A quick-start memento for cytpes. Used on vanila Debian 6.0.7 (squeeze), python 2.7.3 (instruction on how to install second python on Debian: https://gist.github.com/ftao/1069219)   C hello.c #include<stdio.h> hello() { printf("Hello World\n"); } compile: $ gcc -c...

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Jan 2013
I wanted it for some time now, to be able to add a meta fields to menu items in the WordPress all-too-beautiful menu editing interface. Haven’t had much luck finding a solution on the...

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Dec 2012
No, I don’t hate qTranslate! As a matter of fact, I quite like the plugin. But sometimes, oh my, it needs to be removed! And there is the pain. Quite a lot of it,...

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Nov 2012
I often find my self wishing for radio buttons that could be “un-checked”. Most of the time I decide to be a good HTML citizen and use something else instead, maybe an additional checkbox, or something...

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