Changeset is a company at it’s begging. It was born out of a desire to set quality of code above all other requirements.

Changeset counts two people:

  • Fran Hrženjak, founder / owner, developer
  • Jelena Špekuljak, assistant, junior frontend developer, QA


A personal note:

Hello there! My name is Fran Hrženjak. I live in Zagreb, Croatia. My primary interests are in web development and good technologies related to it. Some of my favorites are Django and jQuery. I also sometimes choose WordPress. For e-commerce, Magento is a good choice if there should be only a few customisations, otherwise something else will probably make a better choice.

Besides web, I also like physics. I was studying it an University of Zagreb, but had to put in on hold for a time. Hopefully I will be able to get back to it sooner than later. Astronomy fascinates me. I was a mentor for 3 years in Višnjan School of Astronomy. I finished elementary and high-school level piano class, 10 years in total.

There are other technologies that are not (easily) related to web but that I like to work with: C#, Wolfram Mathematica, LabView, etc. I have some expirience with Microchip PIC microcontrollers and Arduino, mostly related to Višnjan telescope. I would also like to do something useful with Propeller.

My LinkedIn profile: linkedin.com/in/franhrzenjak
Twitter: twitter.com/frnhr
Don’t really like Facebook…

Or contact me via the Contact page.